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Business Transformation


We live in an era of fierce global and domestic healthcare competition. Strong healthcare organizations consolidate. Weak organizations are acquired or merged. In the race to increase productivity and reduce cost, healthcare organizations embark on continuous process transformation. In this race, Information Technology has changed from a supporting role to a strategic tool necessary for a successful healthcare transformation. Vast amounts of time, effort, and money has been spent to implement effective information systems, yet many initiatives either grossly exceed projected schedule and budget or fail to meet business needs. Our founders audited hundreds of these failed initiatives. While some transformations failed because solutions were driven by technology instead of business requirements, many other transformations failed because healthcare innovation transformation, healthcare process management and application development initiatives were disconnected.


Transforming a healthcare organization is like remodeling a building. The requirement for blue prints are different to remodel a tree house and a 100 floor building. You can remodel a tree house without a blue print. It will difficult to complete a 100 floor building remodel, if we are missing the wiring diagram. When healthcare innovation transformation, healthcare process management and application development initiatives are disconnected, transformation blue prints are often incomplete.

ARC Innovate™ Business Transformation Playbook

ARC Innovate™ creates a healthcare transformation innovation roadmap. It uses information modeling techniques to create the blue prints for the current "As Is" healthcare organization, the future innovated "To Be" healthcare organization and transition roadmap.
  • "As Is" Business Blue Print: ARC Innovate™ merges traditional process, data, organization, application and technology modeling techniques with object oriented modeling techniques to create a model of the "As Is" Business.
  • "To Be" Business Blue Print: ARC Innovate™ utilizes traditional business transformation, information strategy planning and business process reengineering and management to design the "To Be" Business.
  • Transition Roadmap: ARC Innovate™ creates a business transformation innovation roadmap for the implementation of the "To Be" Business and the migration from the "As Is" to the "To Be" transformed business.

Our Success

  • Telecommunication: Business Transformation of the third largest US telecommunications company
  • Healthcare: Business Transformation of Web Services for the Largest US Nonprofit Integrated Healthcare Delivery System
  • Banking: Business Transformation of Web Services for the second largest US Bank
  • Banking: Building a New Loan Processing Call Center for the second largest US Bank in 90 days
  • Oil and Gas: Business Transformation of a $35 Billion Oil and Gas Company
  • Public Sector: Business Transformation for the Education System of the 4th largest county in California