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Business Turnaround

Multi-Industry Business Turnaround Expertise

When the largest Nonprofit Integrated Healthcare Delivery System in the US needed to turnaround a 1000+ organization with severe performance problems, the CEO and CIO requested someone from outside healthcare with multi-industry business transformation and turnaround expertise. Our team members stabilized the organization in two weeks and transformed the organization in 6 months. At CoyoteWorks, we leverage our Cross-industry Business Innovation Transformation Expertise to provide you with a roadmap to accelerate the successful transformation of your business into a seamless competitive advantage that delivers long term sustainable economic growth.

Untangling the Quagmire

The key to a successful turnaround is the implementation of a set of actions required to save an organization from business failure and return it to operational and financial health. When an organization is in crisis, it is difficult to untangle the quagmire. ARC Innovate™ Playbook utilizes a formal structure approach to quickly address complex tangled issues. ARC Innovate™ Failure Mode Effects Analyis (FMEA) is a Six Sigma approach as well as a military specified approach to remediate process and organization failures. This approach models issues and concerns as risks associated with process faults impacting an end-to-end business supply chain. To untangle the quagmire, ARC Innovate™ Playbook uses risk to prioritize the issues and concerns and create a priorized set of actions. Implementation of the critical actions will stop the deteriation of the organization. Implementation of the long term actions will revitalize the organization.

ARC Innovate™ Turnaround Playbook

The implementation of the turnaround actions often included corporate restructuring and outsourcing. CoyoteWorks retired CEO, Keith Lough was instrumental in the incorporation of crisis management into ARC Innovate™ Turnaround Management. Keith was a highly decorated wartime USAF Colonel with expertise in integrated logistics. He also served as the Governor's Authorized Representative in New Mexico with the power to declare martial law. He managed many battles and extreme crises . As past President of the National Emergency Management Assocation, he trained FEMA incident commanders to handle large extreme events. Keith incorporated integrated logistics and incident crisis management in ARC Innovate™ Turnaround Management Playbook. He augmented ARC Innovate's™ capability to manage and scale a team from 1 to 10,000 responders in 3 days as where as how to de-escalate an extreme crisis.

Our Success

  • Healthcare: The turnaround of a 1000+ organization for the largest Nonprofit Integrated Healthcare Delivery System in the US
  • Banking: The turnaround of web services for the second largest US bank