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星期五, 24 4月 2015 11:40

Caring from the inside out Featured

Written by  Patricia Hopkins
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Caring from the inside out Caring from the inside out

Healthcare takes more than a minute... Welcome to the practice of health. Our practice believes the path to health is created by caring from the inside out. When we plant a vegetable in the garden, so much care is given to the soil with the right nutrients. The other day at the garden shop I watched as people gathered together potash, iron, nitrogen, sulfur, lime etc. They were buying tools to measure the ph of the soil as well as moisture meters and nitrogen meters. Yet, our body has a million chemical reactions every second but is not part of how we think of health. Can we do well if our body is depleted in minerals and vitamins? The extremes of the deficiencies are well known, rickets, anemia, neuropathy, osteoporosis, skin diseases and on and on. Yet we find it hard to identify our food and American diet as the source of our distress.

The practice of wellness requires education on how to bring the best nutrition and sense of balance into your life. While we recognize the need to treat the common ailments of life, we want patients to have a sense of healing and power over their destiny. About 10 years ago I realized that I had been trained to think of patients and their complaints in terms of what drug I might prescribe. I then realized I had forgotten to ask “why” did this happen. When we look at root causes, we realize nature has a lot to offer and a drug need not be the answer for every ailment.

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